About Dangerous Chocolates

Sabine’s love affair with Chocolate started when as a child in Germany, she would try to eat the 85% dark Couverture her Mother used for baking chocolate cakes. Ever since, chocolate, especially dark chocolate has been a Passion and source of joy for Sabine.

After living and working in the South of France for several years, Sabine moved to New Zealand in 1998 and considers herself a true Kiwi. She started making chocolates initially for friends and colleagues from her home as gifts and bring alongs for dinners and lunches.

With much encouragement from friends and family, she decided in 2013 to leave behind her desk in the corporate world to start her own small business, making and selling handmade chocolates. She still travels to France regularly for continuous training and inspiration.

Sabine makes all of her chocolates at the factory shop located in Rotorua, using only fresh ingredients and Callebaut Couverture. All truffles are hand made, and in small batches, assuring freshest quality at all times.

No artificial flavors are used, and no conservatives or preservatives. We recommend that the truffles are consumed within 3-4 weeks from purchase, but have been assured by customers that hardly any last longer than a day or two.

Hand Made Chocolate Storage:

Please store your chocolate in a cool dark place (ideally 15 to 18 C), away from strongly scented ingredients and direct sunlight.

If chocolate is kept in the fridge, put them in an airtight container. Before serving your truffles, remove the container from the fridge and keep the lid closed until the truffles have reached room temperature.


Our products are manufactured in an environment where nuts, wheat products and milk are processed. While we take the highest level of care and attention, we cannot assure that our products will be free from these ingredients or traces of them.
We do not use or store Peanuts on our premises.